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Spring 2018

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Languages and Literature

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Spanish Capstone

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Ryan Hallows


The research for this comparative analysis explores the differences in the field of physical therapy between the United States and various countries in South America to compare and evaluate the forms of preparation and implementation of care, to formulate recommendations within areas for further research to be pursued. The United States and South American countries have starkly different economic, social, and political backgrounds which impact the way in which physical therapy is administered and received. This allows for comparisons to be made between each respective model of physical therapy, creating a running dialog on how these programs can improve and if imitation or collaboration are worthy future endeavors. As one of the most developed countries in the world, the U.S. has a much larger wealth of resources to pull from in the medical fields, accordingly, it is expected to find that South American countries struggle in comparison. But how can there be improvement? Are there components of the South American Model which the United States can learn from? Through the evaluation of published scholarly articles and first hand experiences, contrasts and comparisons are drawn between these two models to better understand their methods and distinguish where both can improve.