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Spring 2002

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Languages & Literature

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Murphy Fox

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Kim DeLong

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Ed Noonan


Cast of Characters Gracie Abigail Victoria Liz The Mother, late forties The Younger Daughter, late teens The Older Daughter, mid twenties Abigail's Friend, late teens TIME: Early spring, two weeks before high school graduation PLACE: A suburb of New York City SETTING: A modest, middle-class home. The stage is a cutaway of the front section of the house. Visible to the audience is the outside front entrance, the living room, two bedrooms - Abigail's above Grade's, a door to the kitchen and a door to Victoria's bedroom. The living room is clean and mostly picked up. It shows good taste on an average budget in decorations and furnishings. The colors are pale, yet happy and elegant. A stereo is set up with a few record albums and covers strewn about. Bookcases are full of books and music. Framed pictures, candles, and very few nicknacks can be found on the bookcases. There are no recent family pictures. It is a lived-in home.