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Spring 2009

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Languages & Literature

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Ron Stottlemyer

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Kay Satre

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Murphy Fox


This collection of poems was born out of a desire to honor and preserve those moments and people, that in the past four years, have inspired me, taught me to love, broken my heart, and pushed me to be a better and truer person than I ever dreamt I could be. Most of these poems focus on personal relationships I have had, including those with family, friends, and romantic partners. Human beings are largely defined by the people they share their life with, and if we did not have such people to bless our lives, in both good and bad ways, we would hardly have motivation to keep breathing every day. Producing these poems became a therapeutic act that helped me heal many wounds, but these poems were not written for myself. I wrote these poems as tributes to those remarkable individuals, ones present and gone from my life now, who had the courage to become a part of my life and give pieces of themselves to me, which I will carry in my heart forever. The intensity and passion exuded by these poems is a reflection of the deep emotions that these people instilled in me. My one hope is that these poems demonstrate my love and gratitude to these people, as well as encourage others to let the people most important to them know just how valued they are.

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