Date of Award

Spring 1966

Document Type



Languages & Literature

First Advisor

Rev. Lee Hightower


The purpose of this paper was Initially, to give a short synopsis of the history and present situation of language teaching, with a presentation of views as to what the future may bring to language methodology. The general purpose has remained the same through my research, though a second purpose has arisen—that is, a clarification of my own Ideas in regard to what specific method is best to use in the classroom in order to convey a totally new language. It is to this end that the latter part of this paper deals with a presentation of the Unity Theory, which though it is by no means a new theory, is an attempt at integration of the good points in the various prevailing methods of modern foreign language teaching. It should be kept In mind that this paper is meant only as a brief summary, even an outline, and is not intended to be complete as far as exhausting the subject matter concerned, but only complete as setting forth a general view of a segment of education that Is very much in flux, that of foreign language teaching.