Date of Award

Spring 1932

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Languages & Literature


The purpose of this work is twofold: first, I will attempt to give a lucid translation of the Homilies of the Holy Fathers from the Epiphany of Our Lord to Quinquagesima Sunday; and secondly, I will handle comprehensively the syntax of he more important Latin constructions. For those wishing to make a fuller study on the syntax of these Homilies, I have attached to this work an outline that will, I hope, simplify the study.

The value of such a work as this is twofold: it gives to me the works of the Fathers and the meaning literal, spiritual, allegorical, and figurative that they take out of the Holy Scriptures and lastly the benefit I gain personally as improving my ability to translate and also acquaints me with that subject matter, namely the works of the Fathers, that one should know.

The style of these discourses is clear and simple, yet elegant; the comparisons are most beautiful and instructive, because they are natural. Simplicity is the ornament, and this simplicity pervades the whole discourse. Their value consists in the fact that these discourse contain the principal truths of our Holy Catholic religion.

The Homilies are quoted in sermons and instructions and consulted when difficult passages of Holy Scripture need explaining. They are the source, the teachers, under whose guidance we are century after century led on to the higher road of truth. They are our protectors and never will they case us to fall into error.