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Spring 1958

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Languages & Literature


This is a play based on the life of Adolf Hitler. Hot being a strictly historical document, some of the characters and situations are fictitious. Important persons and events are patterned as closely as possible after the historical facts. Any resemblance between fictitious characters in the drama and any persons living or dead is entirely coincidental.

AST OF CHARACTERS (Listed in order of appearance)

ADOLF HITLER - head of the Nazi Party, later Fuehrer of Germany. He is small and lean, about thirtyfive when the play opens. His nerves, at times, put him in a state of tension. When giving speeches he uses short, abrubt, quick gestures, and becomes extremely emotional. When enveloped with great emotion his voice becomes a hoarse scream.

RUDOLF HESS - secretary of the Nazi Party. He is seven years younger than Hitler, a sensitive intellectual entirely captivated by Hitler.

MATILDA - housekeeper and maid. She is about fifty five when the play opens.

GUERTNER - a Reichstag member.

SPAETZ and PFEIFER - government spies.

KONRAD HINKLE - a high school English teacher converted to Nazism.

JERRY - a high school science teacher converted to Nazism.

NORBERT, GARY,TED and HILAR - college friends of Konrad and Jerry.

HANS, ERICH, and FRITZ - Storm Troops, simple soldiers.

JOSEPH GOEBBELS - propaganda minister of the Nazi Party. He is undersized and slightly lame. His manner is precise but cynical.

STRASSER - editor of the Nassi Paper.

ANGELA. and MARIA - Konrad and Jerry’s girl friends, later their wives.

LIEUTENANTS BUCK and DUESTERER - young officers in the German Army.

ERNST HOKUM - Captain of the Storm Troops.

HERMANN GOKRING - Commandant of the German Air Force an overweight, sensual man.

SCHECT and BUNDER - Reichstag members.

PAPEN - Vice Chancellor of Germany.

OTTO PELS - head of the Social Democrat Party.

MARGARET - housekeeper and maid.

KEITEL and RIBBENTROP - Reichsmarshals in the German Army.

EVA BRAUN - companion of Adolf Hitler .

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