Colors 1971

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Carroll College
Roberts, E. Lawrence
Whalen, Doug
Chapman, Linda
Poore, Margaret
Spencer, Toni
Linehan, Pattie
Ross, Kathleen
Stump, Linda
Holmes, Jeff
Anders, Kim
Betagnolli, Ann
Burr, Dan
Boodell, William
Holmes, Jeff
Poore, Margaret
Ross, Kathleen
Stump, Linda
Whalen, Doug
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Colors 1971
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CONTENTS Eternal Nevada, E. Lawrence Roberts 3; 3-6-66, Doug Whalen 10; Penumbra, Doug Whalen 15; Iphigenia Doesn't Live Here Anymore, E. Lawrence Roberts 20; On the Other Side, Linda Chapman 30; No Ripples, Margaret Poore 44; Louis' Masquerade, E. Lawrence Roberts 53; The Best Years of My Life, Anonymous 61; Tamberlei, Toni Spencer 1; Death of the Grandfather, Pattie Linehan 2; Ah, Sunflower of My Life, Kathleen Ross 4; for you, man, Linda Stump 5; Neanderthal, Jeff Holmes 6; xxx, Charles D. Floro 8; kite-flying, Charles D. Floro 11; The Sea Carnival, Toni Spencer 12; Momentary Meditation: Toothaches and Poetry, Jan Fuglevand 13; The Colors of this Particular Morning, Jan Fuglevand 13; To Love a Drifter, Willa A. Smith 14; Carnival, Jeff Holmes 16; Oh, Well, Judy Smith 17; Stoneworts Magnified, Pattie Linehan 18; As we pass by, Connie Lynn Kelly 21; From: A Wonderer, A Wanderer, Or What, Jon Lokowich 23; Personification, Jan Fuglevand 29; Even Steps, Pattie Linehan 40; For Walt Whitman, Doug Whalen 42; Combat Is a Sometimes Place, Carol Davis 49; Days to be Remembered, Banna Hintz 50; To Harvest Men, Kathleen Ross 51; Paddy, Toni Spencer 52; Warm Places, Judy Smith 56; Words About One Bad Time, Jan Fuglevand 57; the manifesto, Charles D. Floro 58; suckers, Linda Stump 59; On Sameness, Pattie Linehan 60; And the Days Were Accomplished, Carol Davis 63; The cover sketch was done by Betty Schutt, the drawing on page fifty-five was done by Jenny Broderick, and the drawings on pages seven, twenty-two and forty-one were done by Maureen McMahon.
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