Colors 1967

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Carroll College
Leung, Paul
Atkins, Charles
Gorkins, Deon
Roberts, Ellen
McCahon, Dennis
Shawver, Jurgen
Eastman, Lynn
Lamey, Pat
Davis, Sally
Peters, Gayle
Chapman, Kate
Miller, Joe
Ellis, Laura
Lamey, Pat
Eastman, Lynn
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Colors 1967
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TABLE OF CONTENTS "In the beginning...", Paul Leung 1; A Child at Night, Charles Atkins 2; Depression, Deon Gorkins 2; Wednesday, Ellen Roberts 3; The American Way, Dennis McCahon 4; Slumber's Solace, Charles Atkins 5; The Morning After the Night Before, Jurgen Shawver 6; "I heard your music...", Lynn Eastman 6; Christmas Day 1966: In Another City, Pat Lamey 7; "If I weren't here I would be...", Lynn Eastman 7; The Carnival, Sally Davis 8; Morning in the Catacombs, Paul Leung 10; Shades of Gray, Linda Langton 13; Incantation, Linda Langton 13; A Collection of Poetic Miscarriages, John McGinley 14; Piece on Earth, Mike Finn 16; Accordingly, Paul Leung 19; Song of Autumn, Joe Miller 20; One in a Million, Zenon Zazula 21; August, Dayl Benish 23; RED TRAIN (etching in plastic), Tom Yuhas 24; The Red Train, Kate Chapman 25; Palm Sunday '67 or The Dandelion Chirst, Kate Chapman 26; "The Cabbage smell of the world...", Dayl Benish 26; "One more big gold, fizzy-bitter...", Dayl Benish 27; "Run against the wind...", Joe Miller 28; The Poet, Ellen Roberts 29; Run, Run, Run, Jurgen Shawver 29; Don't Mind the Storm, Pat Lamey 30; Viol de l'Sfoe, Laura Ellis 31; A Wonderer, A Wanderer, or What?, John Lockowich 32; "I am to you", Jurgen Shawver 34; Phlegm, Ellen Roberts 35; Dusty Ones, Pat Lamey 36; Thoughts, Dayl Benish 36; The Greatest Show '67, Rate Chapman 37; "Yesterday in finger-painting class...", Lynn Eastman 37; True Love, Mike Finn 38; Had God Been There, Max Dyba 39; "Despair before the blood-brown-cloud-mass...", Max Dyba 39; Leucosia Bay, Diane Morgan 40; Apathy, Frankie Levine 42; Escape, Susan Van Koten 43; Alone, Crystal Wong 44; On a Girl from Quiet Montana, Thrust into California Life, Jerrold Richards 45; Grandpa's Death, Karen Dagenais 46; Wonders, Carol Jayes 46; Terry, Mike Burnett 47;
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