Providing Social Services to Latino Immigrants - A Theological Perspective
carrollscholars.contributor.institutionCarroll College
carrollscholars.event.enddate4/25/2019 11:45
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carrollscholars.object.disciplinesCatholic Studies; Christianity; Ethics in Religion; Family, Life Course, and Society; Latin American Languages and Societies; Migration Studies; Practical Theology; Social Welfare; Social Work; Sociology; Spanish Linguistics
carrollscholars.object.majorSociology and Spanish
dc.contributor.authorMahon, Olivia
dc.description.abstractEach year, thousands of people immigrate to the United States, and many are from various Latin American countries. The motivation for leaving their home is a result of economic burdens, violence, corruption and much more. For many, the experience of immigration is one filled with challenges and dire circumstances. Many families arrive in the United States with nothing. These communities are in need of support, often provided by social workers. However the diverse backgrounds and the extensive set of challenges these people face hinder social workers’ abilities to provide the necessary services. The present research looks at the approach of social workers in the United States who are serving migrant communities. Social workers must investigate the deepest needs of the immigrant community. What are they doing now? And what should they be doing? This research asks, “How can social services be provided to Latino immigrants without disregarding culture?” Catholic Social Teaching offers a framework that is beneficial for the social workers serving immigrants at the border. By applying the theological perspective, this research hopes to serve as a guideline in addressing this issue.
dc.titleProviding Social Services to Latino Immigrants - A Theological Perspective
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