Women's Experience And Redefinition Of The Divine: Significant Trends In Feminist Theology

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Tapp, Anne
Gaul, Karen
William Thompson
Sister Cara Lee Foley
Rev. Robert Butko
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Women's Experience And Redefinition Of The Divine: Significant Trends In Feminist Theology
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This paper is written by two strong women; strong in individuality, strong in determination, strong in beliefs, and strong in the commitment to dive deep into the past and present struggles of women, and to emerge with a vision of liberation. We came together not only in an intellectual endeavor, but also in the need to express and nurture both our personal and combined journeys. We use the phrase "woman's journey" to describe a separate and sacred path present in the depths of all women that reveals itself only to the extent that it is received and pursued. We, as women, are both dedicated to the pursuit of our individual journeys and, in part, actualize that pursuit through putting words to the experience and expressions of feminist theology. Our approach to this paper stems from our experiences in relationship with each other, with other women, and with the observations and insights of written and oral resources. We have included examples of our own experiences, as well as those of others found in poetry and music, to complement and better illustrate the scholarly information presented. The traditional use of language is often limiting. Thus, we have found it necessary to develop and experiment with new uses of language to describe aspects of women' s journeys. For example, though our use of the word "our" is occasionally gramatically questionable, we have chosen to use it consistently when speaking of women, past, present and future. Our connection with our Foresisters is vital; ours is the continuation of their journeys, their struggles, and their triumphs. What is revealed in this paper is not only feminist theology but also the expression of a journey we are intimately involved in; therefore, we feel an element of risk in sharing it. We have chosen to incorporate our personal journeys, however, in the hope that others find them a source of insight for their own journeys. This work is presented as a challenge to all readers. The information, insights and experiences revealed here are meant to urge the reader to new ways of thinking, new ways of understanding the world, and new ways of living I that allow all people access to their wholeness.
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