Stanford Airport Beacon, Judith Basin County

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Mehlhaff, Ben
Pruitt, Cam
Keefe, Mary
Breitmeyer, Ron
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Stanford Airport Beacon, Judith Basin County
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Robert Peccia & Associates presented the Carroll College Engineering Design Class an opportunity to perform the engineering design for a replacement airport beacon for Judith Basin County Airport. The project is in Stanford, Montana. We have been asked to provide engineering for replacement of the current beacon, which is supported by a traditional lattice structure with a Tip-down style beacon. The current beacon has exceeded its design life and is no longer serviceable. Our current design calls for either removing the current beacon and placing the new one in the same location or finding a new location near the airport. Currently, the State Historical Preservation Office is evaluating the historical significance of the existing beacon and, therefore, removal of the current structure may not be possible. We are proceeding with our design with the assumption that SHPO will ultimately allow removal and replacement which will allow us to complete our design within the timeline of our senior design course. We selected a tip-down beacon for its lower cost, and lower maintenance difficulty due to the airport manager being a volunteer who lives locally. The smaller profile of the Tip-Down beacon discourages birds from landing and creating nests on the beacon, the reduced waste from birds will reduce maintenance as well. Other than birds there is not much else for environmental factors within this project. It will take only 1-2 weeks of construction for this process to be completed so that part will not take long. We will have the beacon sit on a 10 foot by 10 foot concrete slab on the edge of airport property. While using our cost estimation for the project, we will contact potential subcontractors that have done projects like this before, evaluating those who will do the job for the best price as well as their capability of providing a quality product.
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