Colors 1992

dc.contributor.advisorBertagnolli, Ann
dc.contributor.authorCarroll College
dc.contributor.authorNguyen, Son
dc.contributor.authorConnolly, Paul
dc.contributor.authorKinskey, Kathy
dc.contributor.authorHagan, Jenny
dc.contributor.authorMcCallum, Sheila
dc.contributor.authorHillen, Dan
dc.contributor.authorHarris, Lamel
dc.contributor.authorMiller, Brian
dc.contributor.authorCleveland, I.A.
dc.contributor.authorBugni, Jamie
dc.contributor.authorRomano, Joanne V.
dc.contributor.authorGimmness, Paul
dc.contributor.authorShields, Windy
dc.contributor.authorFaletoese, Peter
dc.contributor.authorHarris, Lamel
dc.contributor.authorGallagher, Kevin
dc.contributor.authorNirwal, Seema
dc.contributor.authorPorrovecchio, Mark
dc.contributor.authorHagen, Jenny
dc.contributor.authorNoonan, Ed
dc.contributor.authorGrosso, Mike
dc.contributor.authorBauer, Larry
dc.contributor.authorWilliams, Jason
dc.contributor.authorIrwin, Jeff
dc.contributor.authorZelenka, Scott
dc.contributor.authorWright, Cher
dc.contributor.authorBoone, Jeff
dc.contributor.editorNguyen, Son
dc.contributor.editorKaney, Michelle
dc.contributor.editorMcCallum, Doug
dc.contributor.editorMcCallum, Sheila
dc.description.abstractCONTENTS This Bridge, Son Nguyen 1; My Blessing in Disguise, Paul Connolly 4; My Teachers, My Gifts, Kathy Kinskey 5; Jenevieve the Fair, Jenny Hagan 6; Untitled, Sheila McCallum 11; Bangkok Buddha, Dan Hillen 12; Resurrection Cemetery Near the Gravel Pits, Dan Hillen 14; Jigsaw, Lamel Harris 15; What Is Life?, Son Nguyen 16; Ten Percent of His Brain, Brian Miller 17; How to Be a Teenager, anonymous 18; Just Borrow, I.A. Cleveland 19; The Mount Helena Summit Expedition, Jamie Bugni 20; Raptor Cry, Joanne V. Romano 21; Hush, Kathy Kinskey 22; Silence, Sheila McCallum 23; Drifting Emotions in A Crystal Glass, Paul Gimmness 24; Waves of Pain, Windy Shields 25; Ecstatic Moment, Peter Faletoese 27; Dream, 28; Diary of a Dying Man, 29; Under Construction, Lamel Harris 34; The Fall, Kevin Gallagher 35; Traffic, Seema Nirwal 35; The Rook, Kevin Gallagher 36; Drugs, Seema Nirwal 36; Untitled, Windy Shields 37; When Jonny Comes Marching Home, Mark Porrovecchio 38; The Professor, Jenny Hagen 39; “Into the Streets”, Ed Noonan 40; Dolphin, Mike Grosso 41; Guilty (1984), Mark Porrovecchio 42; The Road to Emmaus, Larry Bauer 43; Eye of the Bomb, Mark Porrovecchio 47; Serene Whale of the Deep, Jason Williams 48; The Colors of Silence, Larry Bauer 49; The classroom, Larry Bauer 50; Emotions, Jeff Irwin 51; This, Mike Grosso and Scott Zelenka 52; Ode to A Nursery Rhyme, Joanne V. Romano 52; The Flight of Icarus, Jamie Bugni 53; Rebirth, Scott Zelenka 54; Let’s Play Today, Kathy Kinskey 55; The Churning Shores, Larry Bauer 56; Like You My dear, Mike Grosso 58; White Earth Mother, Joanne V. Romano 58; The Encounter, anonymous 59; Night Shine, Jeff Irwin 59; One Great Gift, Paul Connolly 60; The Fragile Bride, anonymous 61; Islam, anonymous 62; To You, Kevin Gallagher 65; The Language of Dusk, Larry Bauer 66; The Order of Things, Joanne V. Romano 66; A Western Star, Lawrence A. Bauer 67; On the Highway Moors at Night, Joanne V. Romano 68; Tell Tales, Cher Wright 69; Howl - For My Generation, Jeff Boone 73;en_US
dc.titleColors 1992en_US
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