The 1980’s: Interviews with Carroll’s Women on Gender Politics
carrollscholars.contributor.institutionCarroll College
carrollscholars.event.enddate4/25/2019 13:30
carrollscholars.event.startdate4/25/2019 13:15
carrollscholars.location.campusbuildingCampus Center - Avila/Desmet
carrollscholars.object.disciplinesGender and Sexuality; History of Gender; Oral History; Women's History; Women's Studies
carrollscholars.object.fieldofstudyGender Studies
carrollscholars.object.majorBiochemistry and Molecular Biology
dc.contributor.authorMeredith, Haley
dc.description.abstractThe histories of Carroll College contained in the Corette Library are incomplete – books like Robert Swartout’s Bold Minds & Blessed Hands: The First Century of Montana’s Carroll College give little account to the unique histories of women at our institution. The purpose of this project was to fill that gap by interviewing current or former female students, faculty, and staff on the gender politics of their era. For analytical purposes, I have only explored the 1980's in this research period. I analyze interviews for common themes and similar experiences in an attempt to capture what it meant to be a woman at Carroll College at that time. Establishing a more complete history enables Carroll's community to be more fully cognizant of how the college has both failed women and done women justice, as well as preserve and uplift lived experiences that Carroll previously ignored or actively silenced.
dc.titleThe 1980’s: Interviews with Carroll’s Women on Gender Politics
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