Colors 2005

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Carroll College
Hussey, Randy E.
Ellis, Sam
Wilson, Kate
Puhek, Lenore McKelvey
Walter, Scott
Wright, Adam
Williams, Judith S.
Niño, Richard O.
Borneman, Bill
Graham, Loren
Wilson, Kate
Niño, Richard
Hussey, Richard
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Colors 2005
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CONTENTS Redwoods, Randy E. Hussey 1; Felling an Engelmann, Sam Ellis 2; Out of the Woods, Kate Wilson 3; Powwow Magic, Lenore McKelvey Puhek 4; Here Are Aspen So Sensuous, Scott Walter 10; The Savemobile, Adam Wright 11; Emma, Judith S. Williams 12; Lessons in a Greenhouse, Sam Ellis 13; Gold Creek (Angeles Forest), Richard O. Niño 14; Palm Pilot, Scott Walter 17; Dessert Music, Bill Borneman 19; Your Smell Invades My Nostrils and Lingers, David Gerke 20; Fucking Skunks, Will Boland 21; Emperor Jack, Barry Ferst, Ph.D 22; Committee: Vessel. Ruler. Roll., Kolleen Rivers 25; Guadalupe Hill (Winter), Richard O. Nino 26; In Praise of Rodney Street, Bill Lovelady 27; Mirror, Abby Shea Denson 29; Please, No More Favors, Danny Mack 30; Drips, Marcus Simonich 31; On Fellini's "Amarcord", Brynn Holt 32; Morning Fog in Ireland, Sam Ellis 33; A Postcard to You, Far Away, Loren Graham 34; The Last Longhorn, Jeremy Schmidt 35; Bornemanization Takes Command, Bill Borneman 36; Golden Confusion, Darcy Poletti Harp 37; Maize, Christine Nelson 38; Off to the Side, Randy E. Hussey 39; (Another) Letter to a Professor, Kolleen Rivers 40; Vintage, Abby Shea Denson 41; Picture of a Muse, Jodi Schmitz 43; Song of Community, Paulette Kohman 44; Lovers, Bill Lovelady 47; If She’s Cute Enough, I’ll Fall for Anything, Danny Mack 48; I Fear Forever, Tim Bowman 49; Equality, Gretchen Rangitsch 50; Breath Still, Scott Walter 51; Annabelle My Saving Grace, Jeremy Schmidt 52; Extra Lime, Kate Wilson 53; Make the Crooked Path Straight, Bill Lovelady 54; It Just Didn’t Work Out, Kate Staley 56; Hunted, Newell Roche 58; Flight, Loren Graham 65; Untitled, Sean McDonald 66; Trained to Kill, Bill Lovelady 67; Triumph, Brynn Holt 69;
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