Colors 1968

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Carroll College
Shawver, Jurgen
Zazula, Zenon
Roberts, Ellen Lawrence
Brooks, Casey
Bishop, Clinton
Burr, Dan
Miller, Joe
Chapman, Linda
Alyward, James
Miller, Joe
Roberts, Ellen Lawrence
Shawver, Jurgen
Eastman, Lynn
Ellis, Laura
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Colors 1968
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CONTENTS T. S. Eliot and the Direction of Modem Poetry, Jurgen Shawver 1; An Explicatio on Eight Lines by Blake, Jurgen Shawver 18; Experiments in Oblivion, Zenon Zazula 8; The Stage Door, Ellen Lawrence Roberts 11; The Roman Breviary, Ellen Lawrence Roberts; The Bridge, Casey Brooks 20; The Surrealist, Ellen Lawrence Roberts 28; Friend in Reed, Clinton Bishop 30; Winter, Dan Burr 32; The Letter, Joe Miller 37; What Am I Doing Eere?, Linda Chapman 45; "In the Fame of . . . ", Fr. James Alyward 39; Time Decayed, Charles Atkins 10; Whitewashed Eternity, Charles Atkins 23; Twilight, William E. Bjarko 26; Death 's Bright Angel, William E. Bjarko 26; Man Unseeing, William E. Bjarko 40; All the Wicked Little Children, Lynn Eastman 48; "Swirls of Purple. . . ", Laura Ellis 15; "Drawn in the black wilderness . . .", Laura Ellis 15; "At Eight . . .", Laura Ellis 15; Carmel Park, John Lockowich 42; Monday Morning Reflection, John Lockowich 42; From a Titan, John Lockowich 42; Penultimate Psychedelia, John Lockowich 42; Fever, John Lockowich 42; Easter '67, Montana, Paul Leung 2; Somebody's Wake, Dennis McCahon 27; Hell American, Joe Miller 25; Man-scape, Joe Miller 25; Two Poems, Fr. Emmett O'Neill 44; Shot Down, Ellen Lawrence Roberts 6; Helena After Midnight—Hap, Jurgen Shawver 5; Early Morning—Peacefully Alone, Jurgen Shawver 14; Another Day, Jurgen Shawver 19; Language of Flowers, Jurgen Shawver 19; You and I, Jurgen Shawver 35; Dreams, Jurgen Shawver 35; Procreation, Jurgen Shawver 35; Helena After Midnight—Emptiness, Jurgen Shawver 47; Horse of Sticks, Mary Jo Thiel 39; Wind on the Delta, Marie MacDonnell Roberts 7; Garbage Cans, Bill Roberts 24; Beginning of the Cycle, Marie MacDonnell Roberts 36; Foliage, Joe Miller 41; Snow at St. Charles, Bill Roberts 16;
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