The Birth of SAINTS TV: Part II Turning Planning into Production August 2000-August 2002

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Prevost, Deedra
Brent Northup
Kay Satre
Tom McCarvel
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The Birth of SAINTS TV: Part II Turning Planning into Production August 2000-August 2002
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In 1997, the NBC-affiliate KTVH formulated plans to move its Helena offices to the Carroll College campus. The contract between the college and the station included a promise by the station to 1) provide a classroom in the KTVH building for Carroll use and 2) guarantee airtime for a monthly student-produced Carroll TV show. Planning at Carroll began immediately to take advantage of that opportunity. Sarah Search and I have been co-coordinators of the SAINTS TV project during the 2000-2001 school year. We are both writing senior theses about the experience of setting the stage for a monthly Carroll TV show. In Sarah’s thesis, she traces the history of the project from the arrival of the station in 1997 to the Fall semester of 2000. During that time, research and planning for the production was completed. In this thesis, I pick up the process where Sarah left off - discussing the training of the crew, the production of the pilot for a model for future shows, and community feedback of the pilot. I conclude by looking at the necessary steps for a successful future and recommendations for our successors. The purpose of these two papers is to document the process of creating a studentrun television program. There are two values to be gained by writing about this project in a thesis. First, it documents the history of the formation of a student-run television show. Second, it provides guidelines for other schools that may wish to undertake such a project. There is no doubt that the work of creating the pilot and planning the show took more time and energy than the writing of the thesis. The production of the pilot is an integral part of this thesis. And the show itself will be, in many ways, the final chapter of this thesis. This is not just a paper about a television show - the thesis was the actual planning and execution of a student-produced television program.
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