Colors 2000

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Carroll College
Amos, Melissa
Borneman, Patricia
Burgoyne, Cathi
Cox, Mike
Dunne, Dominica
Delaney, Kris
Soltero, Tara K.
Franz, Jennifer
Dunne, Dominica
Jarman, Jill
Knight, Mandy
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Colors 2000
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CONTENTS If You Want to Pray, Melissa Amos 6; Angels’ Lair, Patricia Borneman 7; Seaside, Cathi Burgoyne 7; Walking for the Mail, Cathi Burgoyne 8; The Gift, Mike Cox 8; Just Breathe, Dominica Dunne 9; Lave Interrupted, Dominica Dunne 10; The Losing Gauge, Kris Delaney 11; Friend of Support, Tara K. Soltero 11; porque no puedo verte (why i cannot see you), Jennifer Franz 12; Our Tulips, Dominica Dunne 13; Young Bestless Wandering, Kendra Williams 14; Ankle Jenny, Jennifer Greenwood 15; Edge of Life, Deanne Gifford 16; Sponge on Stage, Jennifer Greenwood 17; Try Your Hand, Virginia Reeves 18; Goodbye My Love, Evan Hansen 19; Fall on Rockwood, Suzanne Herion 19; Mary Olive Westervelt, Suzanne Herion 20; Last Night, Mandy Knight 21; In the Battlefield, Cheri Knox 22; Alaska Says Goodbye Softly, Katie Laughlin 23; Bedroom, Daniel Mack 24; Spirit, Daniel Mack 24; A Godmother’s Touch, Ina Modde 25; Stood Falling, Kathrena Keller 25; Merry-Go-Round, Anna Nelson 26; Unnoticed, Marie Moore 26; In My Crossed Hands, Virginia Reeves 27; Heavenly Touch, Ina Modde 27; Impossible Became Possible, Tara Soltero 28; The Eagle, Sara Hagedorn 29; Candlelust, Danny Stapp 30; For Valentine’s Day, Danny Stapp 30; Untitled, Asia Vue 31; Berries, Kendra Williams 31; Alone, Adam Wright 32; Searching for Charles Redfield, Adam Wright 33; Light of the Moon, Katie Laughlin 36; The Birth, Mandy Knight 42; Steam, Katie Laughlin 44; Have a Tittle Heart, Daniel Mack 46; Disappearing, Virginia Reeves 52; The Eagle Has..., Tarah Wheeler 55; Divine Intervention, Michael Vannatta 56;
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