Colors 2003

dc.contributor.advisorGraham, Loren
dc.contributor.authorCarroll College
dc.contributor.authorSoller, William
dc.contributor.authorMcDonald, Sean
dc.contributor.authorEllis, Sam
dc.contributor.authorGould, Matt
dc.contributor.authorDonoghue, Josh
dc.contributor.authorMack, Daniel
dc.contributor.authorJohn, Terri
dc.contributor.authorFox, Jed
dc.contributor.authorKandt, Tom
dc.contributor.authorFehringer, Kate
dc.contributor.authorWilson, Kate
dc.contributor.authorDonoghue, Josh
dc.contributor.authorMills, Nathan
dc.contributor.authorCouture, Patrick
dc.contributor.authorGraham, Loren
dc.contributor.authorMack, Daniel
dc.contributor.authorSwiatkowski, Andrew
dc.contributor.authorStapp, Danny
dc.contributor.authorCollins, Katrina
dc.contributor.authorStottlemyer, Ron
dc.contributor.authorFehringer, Kate
dc.contributor.authorPotts, Adam
dc.contributor.editorWilson, Kate
dc.contributor.editorCollins, Katrina
dc.description.abstractCONTENTS Montana Badlands: Cretaceous Period, William Soller 1; Void, Sean McDonald 2; Traveling Mountain Nuns With Turtles, Sam Ellis 4; An Examination into the Peril of Lust, Matt Gould 6; Vending Machine, Josh Donoghue 7; Quiet, Daniel Mack 8; Baring Witness, Terri John 9; The Bam, Jed Fox 10; Another Curtain Call from the VFW Hall, Tom Kandt 12; Strangled, Kate Fehringer 13; The Traveler, Sean McDonald 14; The Chalet, Sam Ellis 24; Dreaming of Hair: Russia, William Soller, 25; Why I Dream of Hair, William Soller 25; Tree Song, Kate Wilson 26; Mindful Matrix, Josh Donoghue 27; My Dermatologist, Nathan Mills 28; Everyperson, Patrick Couture 30; Evening In, Loren Graham 33; In the Eye of the Sun, Daniel Mack 34; Breast Cancer, Terri John 35; Supplication to a Seraph, Andrew Swiatkowski 36; Tea Time, Danny Stapp 37; A Tribute to the Cable Guy, Sean McDonald 40; The Physiology of the Goose Bump, Katrina Collins 41; Leaving the Relics, Ron Stottlemyer 42; Mother Love, Kate Fehringer 43; The Banquet, Loren Graham 44; Shopper and Shirt, Josh Donoghue 45; Cracked Nuts, Patrick Couture 46; Teenage Barbie Whores, Adam Potts 53; Notes on Chinese Medicine, William Soller 54; Ripe, Kate Wilson 36; Arrhythmia (Morgan), Daniel Mack 57; Better Red than Dead, Terri John 58; US Amen, Andrew Swiatkowski 60;en_US
dc.titleColors 2003en_US
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