The Effects Of Heavy Distillate Fraction Of Solvent Refined Coal II On Rats

carrollscholars.object.departmentLife & Environmental Sciences
carrollscholars.object.disciplinesEnvironmental Health; Toxicology
dc.contributor.advisorJames Manion
dc.contributor.advisorJean Smith
dc.contributor.advisorCecilia Grose
dc.contributor.authorCassutt, Kelly 0:00
dc.description.abstractExperiments have shown that an inhalation exposure to the Heavy Distillate fraction of Solvent Refined Coal II Heavy Distillate (SRC II HD) causes elevated blood pressure. My project was to investigate two specific means of exposure: The skin and gastrointestinal tract. My experiment consisted of three groups, control, gavage and skin paint. The control group was force fed sesame seed oil. The gavage group was force fed a mixture of sesame seed oil and SRC II HD. The skin paint group had a mixture of acetone and SRC II HD painted on their backs. The results show there is a significant elevated blood pressure in the unconscious skin paint group compared to the unconscious control group. There was no significant change in the gavage group unconscious blood pressure, compared to the unconscious control group. The skin paint group did not gain any weight during the study and weighed about 90 g less than the control group at the end of the experiment. The gavage group's average weight was about 50 g less than the control group. There was no significant difference in the absolute weight of the adrenal glands between the three groups. The significant enlargement of the glands in the Solvent Refined Coal exposure group suggests a chemical toxicity reaction. The study indicates that inhalation exposure is not the only way that the distillate causes elevated blood pressure. The dermal exposed rats showed symptoms similar to the inhalation exposed rats which were elevated blood pressure restricted weight gain, and enlarged adrenal glands.
dc.titleThe Effects Of Heavy Distillate Fraction Of Solvent Refined Coal II On Rats
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