Family Breakup Is A Cause Of Mental Illness In Children Today

carrollscholars.object.departmentSociology & Anthropology
carrollscholars.object.disciplinesCatholic Studies; Family, Life Course, and Society
dc.contributor.advisorRev. John O'Connor
dc.contributor.authorSurdock, Pete 0:00
dc.description.abstractAs a way of introducing the problem to be presented in this work, I need only to ask tie reader to pick up the daily paper, and turn to the vital statistics pare and read within the column the ever enlarging number of persons who are obtaining divorces. Rut, a warning must be issued at this point of procedure; there is a hidden danger which lies behind this simple, yet somewhat complex legal act. This danger, if not checked soon, will not only result in the corruption of American society, but the failure on the part of Americans to maintain their freedom. If these figures in the column do not alarm you, pause long enough to realize that not listed within is the abandonments, annulments, desertions, illegitmate children, physical loss of parents, ’psychological divorce", and separations. We can group these terms under one heading of "Family Breakup", the subject of this work. An explanation is warranted because throughout this paper divorce Is the most emphasized; not due to prejudice on the author’s part, but because of the lack of information on the other forms of family breakup. A reminder for the reader is that the author has one Intention as is indicated by the title of this work, to slow that mental illness is associated with family breakup.
dc.titleFamily Breakup Is A Cause Of Mental Illness In Children Today
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