Date of Award

Spring 1950

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First Advisor

Rev. James McCormick


This dissertation, JOHN DENNIS RYAN, COPPER KINGS, was written under the direction of the Reverend J. W. McCormick, Ph.D., head of the Department of History of Carroll College. I here attempted in the following chapters to focus some light on the career of John D. Ryan, his part in building up the great Anaconda Copper Mining Company, and further to analyze the opinions of various authors and acquaintances of Mr. Ryan regarding his life and accomplishments. Seldom have I expressed my own opinions on different matters, and when I did so, it was only after making a complete study of available material. My source material has been limited to matter found in the following: 1. Libraries; Carroll College Library; State Historical Library; Public Library, Helena; and Public Library, Butte. 2. Newspaper "morgues"; Independent Record, Helena; and The Montana Standard, Butte. I also had personal interviews with Mr. J. D. Murphy and Mr. Wm. J. Scallon, both one-time associates and friends of Mr. Ryan.