Date of Award

Spring 1961

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First Advisor

Thomas Clinch


The city of Butte has experienced many strikes throughout the course of its history. Of all these, the 1920 strike can be considered the bloodiest and, strangely enough, the most forgotten. It has been to the interest of some that as little as possible be known about the hellish nightmare which occurred on Anaconda Road in April of 1920. In order to correct this situation, I have taken on the responsibility of this thesis. In the following pages I have tried to be as objective as possible. Both sides of the affair were considered at length before judgement was passed. Once all the facts were gathered and placed side by side, I was forced to condemn the Anaconda Company for their actions. This condemnation was based on the many contradictions which were evident in their testimony and in their newspapers.

In taking the side of the Industrial Workers of the World, I am not condoning their policies. It is a well established fact that they were an extremely radical and socialistic organization, bent on the purpose of replacing the existing government with a workers society. Rather, I have defended them because I feel an injustice was done. A wrong can never be made a right just because one does not agree with another's policy.