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    • Women and AIDS: A Spiritual Journey 

      Girvan, Jennifer (1996-04-01)
      At the close of the twentieth century, still the virtual advent of the AIDS epidemic, more and more women are discovering solace and a place of peace within their own unique sense of spirituality; after finding that the ...
    • Women's Experience And Redefinition Of The Divine: Significant Trends In Feminist Theology 

      Tapp, Anne; Gaul, Karen (1984-04-01)
      This paper is written by two strong women; strong in individuality, strong in determination, strong in beliefs, and strong in the commitment to dive deep into the past and present struggles of women, and to emerge with a ...
    • Women's Roles In The Christian Tradition: Subordination And Discipleship 

      Horejs, Kathleen (1987-04-01)
      Out of the Gospel perspective and the experience of whole generations of women, the following affirmation can be made: Woman is not an inferior human being, either spiritually or intellectually. She is created in the image ...