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dc.contributor.authorWalker, Forrest
dc.contributor.authorBorges, Brenden
dc.descriptionAbstract Only
dc.description.abstractThe Triple 8 Ranch is currently using grid power for all electric appliances on the property. This has resulted in a massive annual power bill, and the new property owner has approached us to develop a solution. We focused mainly on solar power, as the restrictions at the site led to a number of interesting design decisions. The end result is a reduction in the power consumption on site while lessening the carbon footprint, investing in long term power infrastructure, and using green energy as opposed to fossil fuel sourced power.
dc.titleEnergy Alternatives at the Triple 8 Ranch
carrollscholars.object.disciplinesCivil Engineering
carrollscholars.object.majorCivil Engineering
carrollscholars.object.fieldofstudyCivil Engineering
carrollscholars.location.campusbuildingCampus Center
carrollscholars.event.startdate4/20/2018 10:00
carrollscholars.event.enddate4/20/2018 10:45
carrollscholars.contributor.institutionCarroll College

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