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    • Wellington Duncan Rankin: Millionaire, Rancher, Lawyer, And Politician 

      Hines, Richard (1993-04-01)
      When I originally considered doing a thesis for graduation with honors, the subject matter became my obvious concern. I had attended a brief seminar conducted by David Walters, of the Montana Historical Society, on Jeannette ...
    • Women And The Helena Earthquakes Of 1935 

      Belnap, Trevor (2008-04-01)
      The 1935 earthquakes that struck Helena, Montana, pose a great case study to examine this theory. The series of quakes began in early October of 1935 and continued into the following spring. During this period, women were ...
    • Yellowtail Dam: A Study In Indian Land 

      Brooke, William (1981-04-01)
      Under the insightful leadership of Chief Plenty Coups, the Crow nation aligned itself with the white man prior to the campaigns which decimated the Plains Indians in the 1860's and 1870's. Plenty Coups knew that white ...