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dc.contributor.advisorJames Manion
dc.contributor.advisorNoel Bowman
dc.contributor.advisorJohn Christenson
dc.contributor.authorLynch, Jeremiah
dc.contributor.authorHagan, James
dc.description.abstractThis study was concentrated on a single important facet of the complex and compelling problem of environmental pollution. It dealt solely with the Helena Valley area of Montana in terms of lead pollution in the soils of the valley. An examination of lead contamination, even though limited to one area, represents an important means for achieving a better understanding of this important problem of environmental pollution. Although the scope of the study may be somewhat narrow, this was the intention in order that the study be more exhaustive. The lack of adequate equipment available to the authors' also made a more extensive study impractical. The study is clearly representative of the problem which faces the area in terms of lead and other pollutant products contamination of this area. It is a definite step forward in assessing more adequately the role of lead as an environmental contaminant to which all people, regardless of their occupation are exposed. The data represents some of the most fundamental information necessary to determine the quality of soil available for agricultural use. The authors’ hope therefore is that this study will lead to a better understanding of the situation that is present in this valley, and that more investigation may he stimulated. The results clearly' indicate that improved pollution controls are needed. Our plan was to represent through random sampling the situation of the entire valley in terms of distance from the industrial sources in East Helena, the known source of contamination.
dc.titleLead Contamination of Soil in the Plow Zone of the Helena Valley
carrollscholars.object.departmentLife & Environmental Sciences
carrollscholars.object.disciplinesEnvironmental Health and Protection; Environmental Indicators and Impact Assessment; Environmental Monitoring; Environmental Sciences
carrollscholars.object.seasonSpring 0:00

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