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    • CBP-LSS Resource Allocation Project 

      Jarman, Anna (2021)
      The labs that deal with Suspected Controlled Substances (SCS) in the Laboratories and Scientific Services (CBP-LSS) division of Customs and Border Protection (CBP) want a resource allocation plan to increase their labs’ ...
    • The Fourier Transform Applied to Sound 

      Ruffatto, Nathan (2021-04-16)
      The Fourier Transform is one of mathematics' most useful tools. In particular, it is very useful for studying and manipulating sound, as it turns a periodic function into one that represents that function's frequencies. ...
    • Understanding the Mathematics of Cryptography 

      Kyriacos, Nicolas (2021)
      Cryptography is the use of mathematical functions in order to scramble messages so that their contents cannot be understood by an interceptor. Each time you go online or log your details into an online account, a cryptosystem ...