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    • A Year of Passive Hydrocarbon Monitoring Next to an Eagle Ford Well Site 

      Sablan, Olivia; Schade, Gunnar (2020-04-24)
      The recent boom in unconventional oil and gas development in the Texas Eagle Ford shale area has led to an increase in hydrocarbons in the atmosphere. Emissions from production sites include hazardous air pollutants, such ...
    • Yellowstone Airport RV Park 

      Carlson, Tristan; Skoullis, Yianni (2020-04-24)
      At the beginning of last semester, we were given the opportunity to design a Recreational Vehicle park for the Yellowstone Airport. This project idea was created by Jeff Kadlec who is our sponsor. The purpose of this project ...
    • Your ACE Score Could Mean More 

      Nicholson, Cheyenne; Voss, Scout; Elliott, Baylee (2020-04-24)
      Adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) are a relatively unknown topic but have proven to have lasting impacts on an individual’s health. While the research globally is limited, “about 61% of adults surveyed across 25 [U.S.] ...