Date of Award

Spring 1972

Document Type



Fine Arts

First Advisor

Sister Helen Hickman

Second Advisor

Sister M. Aquinata O'Sullivan

Third Advisor

Robert Heywood


At the beginning of the spring semester 1972, I contacted Mr. N. J. Campeau, an architect, with the firm of Campeau and Crennen, in Helena, Montana. He was extremely generous with his time and aid, and suggested that I produce some paintings for the new Neighborhood Center being built at the south end of Last Chance Gulch. This new Neighborhood Center will house a number of services, including a Senior Citizens Center, the Indian Alliance, a Youth Center and a Health Center. He suggested that the paintings compliment the walls of these different service areas. Mr. Campeau gave me copies of the floor plans, since the building is not yet completed, and I took these into consideration when planning the paintings.