Date of Award

Spring 1997

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First Advisor

A. H. Quist

Second Advisor

R. M. Tronson

Third Advisor

Brent Northup


Among the many challenges that faces the social studies teacher is finding new and exciting ways to demonstrate historical events. This paper will examine using popular music, particularly rock 'n' roll music, to assist in illuminating historical events and fostering skill development. Chapter One seeks to establish a theoretical foundation for the use of rock 'n' roll music by examining past and current trends in social studies and theories of an "integrated" curriculum. Chapter Two narrows the focus from social studies to the use of various forms of media in the social studies classroom, concentrating on the role of music. Chapter Three examines how rock 'n' roll in particular provides a powerful and useful tool for the social studies educator. Finally, the Appendix provides a practical example of these theories at work. The Unit Plan examines a unit attempting to develop skills and motivate students about * historical content.