Date of Award

Spring 1979

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First Advisor

DeeAnna Stalnaker

Second Advisor

Thomas Kelly

Third Advisor

James Manion


30 students performed in four motor skill tests, 1) Spatial halations, 2) O’Connor Tweezer Dexterity, 3) Bilateral Transfer and 4) Movement Time, For the purpose of experimentation I chose ten students from each area of athletics, biology and dental hygiene. The ten athletes names were given to me by their coaches on the basis of quickness in their sport. All athletes were participating in basketball, with five athletes from the women’s basketball team and the other five from the sen’s basketball team, The ten biology students were more of a random choice. After getting a list of senior students who would voluntarily perform each test, I then chose the ten persons from the list based mainly upon my knowledge of each ones physical activities. The biology students were all males, The dental hygiene students were all female and seniors, There were only 11 seniors in dental hygiene so I tested each one. The bilateral transfer test eliminated one of the girls, so I disregarded her test results in the other tests to bring the number of dental hygiene students to 10,