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Spring 1982

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There is much more to the Elementary School classroom than simply the fundamental skills of reading, writing and arithmetic for it is within these rooms that children grow and develop. Many lives are influenced within the classroom. Today, with the changing role of the family, the school offers the chance to serve as a very important role model in many children’s lives. In some instances, it may be the only stability that children feel. Therefore, it is believed that the classroom should strive to meet some of the needs of children. In today’s world of tightening budgets and cut-backs this task could become increasingly difficult for a teacher to accomplish. However, within each individual there is a very powerful teaching tool which is often overlooked! the touch of a hand. This study will consider how powerful touch can be. It will state how various elementary teachers look upon the use of touch in their classrooms. An experiment will study how children’s attitudes and academic achievement may be affected if touch is incorporated into their day.