Date of Award

Spring 2016

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First Advisor

Lynette Zuroff

Second Advisor

Charles Driscoll

Third Advisor

Jeffrey Morris


There are many benefits of integrating dramatic activities and learning opportunities into the everyday life of one’s classroom, both academically and socially. Creative drama and imaginative activities provide students and teachers with abundant opportunities to develop a wide range of real world problem solving skills, literacy abilities, communication skills, and group work techniques. However, teaching or even using drama alongside more traditional instruction methods may seem intimidating to some teachers. The purpose of this thesis is to review the existing literature regarding the integration of drama in schools and provide a practical guide for using similar methods in the classroom. The examination is focused on the use of drama in elementary (kindergarten through fifth grade) reading and language arts classes. A summary of current and proposed standards in Reading Language Arts and Theater is also provided. Finally, lessons and activities to help teachers integrate drama into their own classrooms are provided. This thesis is the result of the academic convergence of two of my passions: teaching and acting.