Date of Award

Spring 2014

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Communication Studies


At Christmastime in 1944, war was raging in Europe and both soldiers and civilians were dying by the millions. In Zombie: The Musical, however, the war is not between the Allies and the Axis, but rather between the living and the dead. This film tells the story of those left behind as the war wages on and their struggle to build a new world. In this film, eight people struggle to survive as supplies dwindle, tempers flare and the zombies approach, but it’s hard to tell what’s more terrifying: the zombies or their own frayed nerves. Zombie: the Musical examines several important concepts including the role of women in society and traditional gender roles, sexuality, war and its consequences for the human race, depression, grief, and the way a society battles through adversity. This 40-minute film is musically, theatrically and cinematically unique to Carroll and is the beginning of a new program that will hopefully extend for years to come.