Date of Award

Spring 2000

Document Type



Communication Studies

First Advisor

Charlotte Jones

Second Advisor

Kay Satre

Third Advisor

John Christenson


Unlike many current studies involving children and adolescents, this study focuses on the pediatric patient’s view of his or her physician and medical visit. This is important to improving techniques, communication, and approaches used with children and adolescents during a medical encounter. Fifty-five pediatric patients ages 5 to 18 were recruited following their medical visit in the pediatric department of a large clinic. Quantitative and qualitative data were collected from a satisfaction questionnaire and open-ended interview questions. Quantitative results suggest that pediatric patients are generally satisfied with their medical visits. Results from the qualitative data indicate that pediatric patients highly regard communication issues—both interpersonal and general—with their physicians, as well as view the practical features involved with a medical visit as being important.