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    Colors 2019
    (2019) Carroll College; Rowsey, Reid; Olmes, Anthony; Marie, Anne; Wurzer, Anna; Minudri, Isabella; Marietti, Danielle; Mull, Branan; Shewman, Brynn; Harris, Kathryn; Carroll, Audrey; Michelotti, Megan; Montowski, Margaret; Higgins, Kevin; Le, Tommy; Charlton, Bret; Swenson, Mariah; Gail, Maddison; McGee, Kristina; Dolan, Abigail; Ackeret, Tracy; Sekerak, Jessica; McGee, Kristina; Charlton, Bret; Wruzer, Anna; Serek, Jessica
    CONTENTS The Things We Do For Survival, Isabella Minudri 7; Lost Soul, Reid Rowsey 13; Turning Point, Anthony Olmes 18; Hey Alexa?, Anne Marie 26; The River’s Lips, Anna Wurzer 27; Here Comes the Rain, Isabella Minudri 34; Swimming, Branan Mull 35; Inadequate, Branan Mull 36; Something Missing, Danielle Marietti 38; Massacre of the Wolf, Brynn Shewman 40; Homecoming, Kathryn Harris 41; Cooking Something Up, Audrey Carroll 41; Pour L’Amour D’Art, Audrey Carroll 42; Halved and Hueless, Megan Michelotti 43; Release, Margaret Montowski 44; Wonder, Margaret Montowski 44; Diary of an Absurdist, Kevin Higgins 46; When a Serial Killer Dies, Kevin Higgins 46; Unfamiliar, Tommy Le 49; Silhouettes and Cigarettes, Bret Charlton 50; Promesas Destruidas, Mariah Swenson 52; From Alice in Wonderland, Maddison Gail 53; Anhedonia, Kristina McGee 55; Everything That Falls Gets Broken, Abigail Dolan 56; Life of the Writer, Tracy Ackeret 60; Atlas, Jessica Sekerak 60; See You Soon, Jessica Sekerak 62;
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    Colors 2018
    (2018) Carroll College; Kinsey, Brenna; Bongolan, Aiko; Griffin, Amber; Charlton, Bret; Offt, Cassandra; Marietti, Danielle; Hoosei, Ellie; Eodice, Faith; Farkas, Gretchen; Minudri, Isabella; Sekerak, Jessica; Damon, Libby; Arbizzani, Mallory; Trinh, Theresa; Le, Tommy; Bowditch, Whitney; McGee, Kristina; Hughes, Bridgette; Lewis, Jessica; Sturgess, Rhiannon; Reed, Samantha; McGee, Kristina; Offt, Cassandra; Reed, Samantha
    CONTENTS The Room Where We Live, Brenna Kinsey 9; The Old Chevy, Aiko Bongolan 22; Together, Amber Griffin 23; Everything, Anonymous 23; Faith, Hope, and Love, Bret Charlton 25; The Dead White Guys Who Run My Life, Cassandra Offt 25; The Great Blue, Danielle Marietti 26; Life Changing, Danielle Marietti 27; Don’t Be Mad, Ellie Hoosei 29; Falling Asleep Smiling... and Other Things I Do Regularly, Faith Eodice 30; Eime Green Ribbon, Gretchen Farkas 32; Sift, Isabella Minudri 33; Tell Me About Yourself, Isabella Minudri 33; To Him, Isabella Minudri 34; Woman’s Legacy, Jessica Sekerak 36; Perception, Jessica Sekerak 37; I Want to Tell You About Balance, Libby Damon 38; Seattle Winds, Mallory Arbizzani 40; Summer Dreams, Mallory Arbizzani 41; eclipse, Theresa Trinh 42; Forest Fire, Tommy Le 42; Choice, Tommy Le 43; I Tried, Tommy Le 45; You Are the Rain, Tommy Le 45; Ode to Autumn, Whitney Bowditch 46; All, Kristina McGee 47; Photography, Bridgette Hughes 47; The Time it Takes to Boil Water, Cassandra Offt 49; Much Ado About Frosting, Isabella Minudri 52; Faith, Family, Farmer, Jessica Lewis 55; Chattahoochee, Rhiannon Sturgess 57; Early Childhood, Samantha Reed 59; The Perpetuation of Abuse in YA, Samantha Reed 62;
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    Colors 2017
    (2017) Carroll College; Dolan, Abigail; Everts, Ali; Walker, Audrey; Long, Bennet; Charlton, Brett; Offt, Cassandra; Drinkall, Cassie; Hague, Connor; Smith, Connor; Mohaisen, Doaa; Do, Valerie; Geraghty, Isabella; McGee, Kristina; Fellows, Meghan; Sturgess, Rhiannon; Reed, Samantha; Crews, Sarina; Reeves, Virginia; French, William; Hayden, Sarah; Hendrickson, Chloe; Reed, Samantha; McGee, Kristina
    CONTENTS Dearest Uncle, Abigail Dolan 7; I Remember, Abigail Dolan 8; Woman of the Corn, Ali Everts 9; Zombies at Night, Ali Everts 12; Imaginary, Audrey Walker 13; Shroud, Bennet Long 15; An Ode to My Memories, Brett Charlton 15; Unplucked, Brett Charlton 17; Egg, Cassandra Offt 18; Playing at the World, Cassandra Offt 20; Daisy Petals, Cassie Drinkall 30; Ryan Gosling: An Ode to the Bathroom Stall, Connor Hague 31; Blood and Mascara, Connor Smith 34; Contracts with God, Doaa Mohaisen 43; The Bullet, Doaa Mohaisen 48; Turning 20, Doaa Mohaisen 51; 1939, Valerie Do 54; Neptune, Valerie Do 55; Fred, Isabella Geraghty 56; Under the Big Sky, Kristina McGee 57; Time Never Stops, Kristina McGee 57; "I Cry at the End of Titanic" and Other Lies, Meghan Fellows 59; Follow Me, Meghan Fellows 61; Ghost Cat, Rhiannon Sturgess 71; Losing, Rhiannon Sturgess 72; Ben and Jerry’s, Samantha Reed 72; Both Eyes Open, Samantha Reed 89; Solitude, Sarina Crews 92; If My Heart Was a Candle, Tommy Le 94; A Reasonable Price, Virginia Reeves 95; Su Corazon, William French 99;
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    Colors 2016
    (2016) Carroll College; McGee, Kristina; Lerum, Ruth; Nickol, Tori; Reed, Samantha; Bernardi, Debra; Eodice, Gabi; Hendrickson, Chloe; Poliquin, Becs; Gildner, Katie; George, Jeremy; Cumin, Ceder; Bostrom, Isaac; Kinsey, Brenna; Reisenauer, Emma; Murphy, Kevin; Roncalli, Elvira; Gupta, Soumitree; Hayden, Sarah; Hendrickson, Chloe; Reed, Samantha
    CONTENTS The Dragon’s Glow, Kristina McGee 6; If I Could Fly, Ruth Lerum 7; Eagre, Tori Nickol 8; A Court of Thorns and Roses, Samantha Reed 9; Loving Naples, Debra Bernardi 10; The Farmer, Tori Nickol 12; Playing Dress Up, Gabi Eodice 13; Boundaries, Samantha Reed 14; The One Habit of Highly Effective People, Chloe Hendrickson 23; Red, the Lone Ranger, Becs Poliquin 26; Arachnophobia, Katie Gildner 27; Projection, Becs Poliquin 36; Day’s End, Katie Gildner 45; The Wall, Jeremy George 47; Internment, Ceder Cumin 47; These Tiled Floors, Isaac Bostrom 48; A Slimy Slope, Ruth Lerum 49; Small White Stones or How I Learned to Fly, Brenna Kinsey 55; Heart, Emma Reisenauer 62; Palindrome Poem, Kevin Murphy 65; Leave Taking, Elvira Roncalli 65; Now and Forever, Kevin Murphy 66; There's Only One Type of Person I Could Love, Chloe Hendrickson 67; My Mother's Notebook, Soumitree Gupta 69;
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    Colors 2015
    (2015) Carroll College; Kinsey, Brenna; Gildner, Katie; French, William; Reed, Samantha; Sheehy, Janet; Smith, Conor; Moore, Justin A.; Stewart, Kevin; Nickol, Tori; Meyer, Ryden; Gevock, Amber; Edens, Ryan; Harding, Sabrina; Ferst, Barry; Bouchard, Jay; Golden, Michelle; Harding, Sabrina; Hayden, Sarah; Hendrickson, Chloe
    CONTENTS Colors in the Sky, Brenna Kinsey 2; Like Shooting a Dog, Katie Gildner 3; Trees in Limbo, William French 8; Minor, Samantha Reed 9; Adventure, Janet Sheehy 10; Double Black, Conor Smith 11; Winter, Justin A. Moore 12; Green Light, Kevin Stewart 13; Flathead Lake, Tori Nickol 15; Forever I Cain the Noctivagant, Justin A. Moore 16; Snow White, Ryden Meyer 17; Fallen Angel, Amber Gevock 21; Inheritance, Tori Nickol 22; Monuments, Ryan Edens 23; The Dog That Can Bite, Sabrina Harding 25; Spinoza, Barry Ferst 29; Memento, Justin A. Moore 30; A Lover’s Locket, Ryan Edens 32; Find A New Room, Jay Bouchard 33; 18 Years, Brenna Kinsey 34; Under the Dog Park Sun, Michelle Golden 35;