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Spring 1970

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Chemistry & Physics


Enzymes are vital for metabolic processes in any living organism. If the function of enzymes is restricted or their concentration changed, drastic changes may come about within the organism. Enzymes act as catalysts to physiological reactions, that is, they increase the rate at which the reaction proceeds to equilibrium. There is considerable evidence that enzymes enter into the mechanism between reactants and products, but they are recoverable in their original state with the final step. Enzymes exhibit various types of specificity.

This work was done with the particular enzyme lactic acid dehydrogenase, common abbreviated LDH. Lactate / pyruvate was the reaction studied. This reaction has been less extensively covered than that reaction going from pyruvate to lactate. Lactic acid dehydrogenase was the catalyst together with nicotinamide adenine dinycleotide, NAD+, as coenzyme. The purpose was to find optimal conditions for the reaction