Date of Award

Spring 5-13-2017

Document Type



Chemistry & Physics

Second Advisor

Kyle Strode

Third Advisor

Bill Parsons


Using some of the most frequently asked questions during General and Essentials of Chemistry tutoring sessions, this compilation of illustrated worksheets and concept maps was assembled. Left black and white, the pages of this booklet are meant to help facilitate student interaction with their own notes, allowing them to color code, fill in, and annotate whatever they see fit. In bringing material that is typically presented to students via textbook or plain text in a way that is illustrated and creative, it helps to reach the visual side of students’ brains and allow them to see connections that they might otherwise not. The pages in this booklet are meant to be used both as standalone pages, and as a compiled book. Suggested use of the pages include “whiting out” portions of pages, allowing students to fill them in themselves, or giving the pages to students after lecture has occurred, allowing the pages to act as a visual review of important concepts. Additionally, students should be encouraged to make their own “visual notes”.