Date of Award

Spring 2010

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Chemistry & Physics

First Advisor

Kyle Strode

Second Advisor

Joan Stottlemyer

Third Advisor

Ron Wilde


Gravimetric titrations were compared statistically in this study with volumetric titrations. A sodium hydroxide solution was standardized with pure potassium hydrogen phthalate (KHP). This solution was then used to analyze an impure sample of KHP with a known concentration. The procedure was conducted by the gravimetric and volumetric titration methods. The calculated results ofeach titration method were statistically compared to determine which method was more accurate and/or precise. In addition, the uncertainties present with each method, including buret delivery precision and weighing precision were evaluated. Last, the two techniques were performed by an entire class ofupperdivision analytical chemistry students, and the results were analyzed for accuracy and precision. The findings illustrated that gravimetric titrations were more accurate, precise and much easier to use compared to volumetric titrations.

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Chemistry Commons