Date of Award

Spring 1972

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Business, Accounting & Economics

First Advisor

Dan Chapple

Second Advisor

Ernest Bacon

Third Advisor

Alfred Murray


With the passage of the nineteen year old amendment of the Montana State Constitution, It became feasible for the first time for colleges in the state of Montana to serve beer on campus. Mr. Charles Sullivan, newly elected President of the Associated Students of Carroll College, was interested in determining if the serving of beer could be profitable on the Carroll campus. After realizing the scope of this project, it was determined the whole study could be the subject of an Honors Thesis. A pub on a college campus would be unique in Montana. . Prior to 1971 the legal drinking age in Montana was twenty-one which made a large percentage of college students under the legal age. The lowering of the legal age to nineteen made most college students able to legally drink beer. Given this large number of students in an established beer market, it seemed that Carroll College should investigate the possibility of having an on-campus pub to earn money for a special fund of the Associated Students. Although on-campus pubs may be unique for Montana, it is not the case for the rest of the United States. According to the United States Brewer's Association report, twelve states and the District of Columbia have licensed pubs on campus or serve beer in Student Unions. In several states action is being taken to get licensed pubs on campus, and three states not having on-campus pubs allow beer on campus in dormitories or fraternities.

This study will determine if a pub on the Carroll College campus (for reasons of simplicity to be referred to hereafter as the Carroll Pub) could be licensed and operated at a profit. Three possible locations for the Carroll Pub will be considered (1) constructing a new building on the eastern edge of the campus between St. Charles Hall and the Physical Education Center? (2) moving the old Colonial Supper Club into the same location? or (3) locating the pub in the snack bar area of the basement of the Commons. For financial reasons discussed later in the study, it was decided the best site for the Carroll Pub would be the basement of the Commons. For this reason most of the considerations about the location of the Carroll Pub will be made concerning the basement of the Commons.