The Political, Social, And Religious Life Of The Golden Age At The Time Of Horace And Virgil

Daniel Sullivan, Carroll College


The Purpose of this thesis is to portray the Political, Social, and Religious Life of the Golden Age, at the time of Horace and Vergil. I have followed closely Fowler's "Social Life at Home" and his "Religions experiences of the Roman People." I also made special use of Boak 's "History of Rome."

It is appropriate that I say something concerning the lives of these, the two great writers of the Augustan Age, Vergil and Horace. Publius Vergilius Maro was born on the fifteenth of October in the year 70 B.C. in the first consulship of Gaeus Pompeius Magnus and Marcus Licinus Crassus at a village in the neighborhood of Mantua. Vergil belonged to what we call the plain people. It is on record that his mother's family possessed little distinction, and his father's less. Vergil's childhood and boyhood days were spent on his father's farm. Vergil spent his early school days at Cremona. After a few years training there he went to Milan where he studied under the masters of the time, but later he went to Rome in order to secure the best instruction possible.