Date of Award

Spring 1959

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Business, Accounting & Economics

First Advisor

Luke Rivers


President Eisenhower counts among his favorite maxims, one which is reported to have been coined by another United States President, Woodrow Wilson: "The highest form of efficiency is provided by the spontaneous co-operation of a free people.”

We in the United States are a free people, in the highest sense of the word. So much so, that people a ll over the world look to us as the example of what democracy in action means. But is that "highest form of efficiency” referred to above by 1 resident Wilson, actually achieved by the ''spontaneous co-operation" of we American people in our free enterprize system?

In many areas of development today it appears that we may be surpassed by a country which emphatically denies belief in the "spontaneous co-operation of a free people." The country referred to is Soviet Russia; the outstanding example of their surpassing us, the statelite race.

This paper, however, is not concerned with statelites, nor with international politics. It is concerned only with the practicability of one proposed remedy for some of the shortcomings of our present free enterprise system. That proposed remedy is prof it sharing.

First of all; is there something lacking in the American free enterprize system today? It is the position of the writer of this paper that there is; and an attempt shall be made to demonstrate this in the following discussion.