Date of Award

Spring 1966

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Business, Accounting & Economics

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John Perdue


The purpose of this thesis is to acquaint nonaccountants with the theory of goodwill es it is related to accounting, in order that they might envision the value or lack of value of such an intangible asset, and so that they might recognize the problems, both tax and otherwise, which go with the usage of the goodwill item. An accounting student will benefit in that he will have a keener Insight and a better overall picture of the structure of the goodwill account.

As presented, the subject matter is in a great deal repetitive, but only to expose that several accountants hold to a few general positions— each view being slightly different and worthy of mention. Chronologically, the theory of goodwill is related from 1908 through the present day and will thus evidence a gradual change in the trend of thought. For this reason, the reader is asked to pay particular attention to footnote dates.

My own ideas are Inserted at various Intervals, but for the most part are contained in the epilogue following the exposition of the theory. The thesis is presented in such a way that each reader might derive his own ideas on the subject goodwill and be able to express his views in a concrete fashion with proper supporting evidence.

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