Date of Award

Spring 1982

Document Type



Business, Accounting & Economics

First Advisor

Jon Krutar

Second Advisor

Eugene Franks

Third Advisor

Donald Roy


The specific purpose of this thesis is to propose revisions to the purpose and mission of the Farmers Home Administration as it exists today. The need for such modification is suggested by a review of the past history of agriculture and the agricultural trends now being established in the United States. It is specifically the emergence of a return to small farming units which dictates that such action is necessary to sustain the movement and its resultant benefits. Because this new direction has not had sufficient time to develop a significant statistical history, it is necessary to synthesize to a degree some of the data in order to develop a proper model. Due to the dearth of research material, the related discussion will have to be considered as a set of hypotheses to be further monitored, discussed, criticized, revised and researched.

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Agribusiness Commons