Date of Award

Spring 1987

Document Type



Business, Accounting & Economics

First Advisor

Jon Krutar

Second Advisor

Charles Mandeville

Third Advisor

John Semmens


My education in accounting, work experience with Apple Macintosh computers, and a lifelong involvement in the now economically depressed cattle industry are all combined in this thesis project. I became convinced that the Macintosh could make a significant contribution to more efficient record keeping for cattlemen when I had the opportunity at a former job to train people to use one. These office workers, just like many ranchers, had little or no computer experience. However, within an hour they were familiar with the basics and were able to work productively. I was convinced that the Macintosh is the perfect computer for the cattle industry which has long been plagued by record keeping problems. When I researched software options, I could find no herd-management programs written for the Macintosh. After learning this, I became interested in designing such software myself. The opportunity to do just that arose in late winter of 1986. This project and limited market research for the product are described in detail on the following pages.