Date of Award

Spring 1988

Document Type



Business, Accounting & Economics

First Advisor

Michael Robinson

Second Advisor

Jon Krutar

Third Advisor

Darrell Hagen


After I selected the topic "An Income Tax Planning Application Utilizing Lotus 1-2-3," it became apparent that the majority of my work would be in designing the application template and in getting it to work error-free. Many of the results were achieved through hands-on experimentation. For this reason, the primary thrust of this report will be in explaining the decisions I made to attain the results I desired. User friendliness and internal documentation were two areas I felt to be particularly important. The template would not serve the purpose I envisioned if users found it difficult to operate. Updates for subsequent tax years would be difficult to input if the application was poorly organized and/or poorly documented. Another area which required careful planning was protecting the worksheet from users. These and many other topics are discussed in detail in this report.

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Accounting Commons