Date of Award

Spring 1998

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Business, Accounting & Economics

First Advisor

Belle Marie Talbert

Second Advisor

Charles Ericksen

Third Advisor

Jack Oberweiser


This decade’s economy has blown a remarkable trade wind into the market’s previously stagnant sails. Investors on board witnessed favorable economic conditions never before thought possible. They discovered a new era where market gains accelerated upward and plunder abounded. Those times were great, but the most prosperous period is just coming into view. By examining the root causes, not the present symptoms, of the U.S. economy and its capitalistic gyrations, one may predict the future direction of our economy, in essence an economic treasure map. Coupled with this map, investors can position themselves to take full advantage of an historic stock market boom described by Harry Dent in his book called The Great Boom Ahead. This paper will provide the economic foundation and six of the most prominent value investing tools to earn money in the market for years to come.