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    • Colors 1980 

      Carroll College; Buchan, Joe; Muller, Heidi; Warfield, Kit; Ramirez, John I. C.; Sloan, Christopher C.; Kaney, John; Hallinan, William John; Nelson, Deb; Larson, Gina; Cleminger, Sue; Court, Debbie; Warfield, Kit; Hotz, Ellen J.; Zucker, Charles; Bowen, Mary; Faure, Jean; Bergeron, Francine; Matson, Melanie (1980)
      CONTENTS Birth, Joe Buchan 2; A brief moment, Heidi Muller 3; Point well taken, Kit Warfield 3; Divinations, John I. C. Ramirez 4; Alaska, Christopher C. Sloan 6; For what it's worth, John Kaney 6; After a reading ...
    • Studies On The Effect OF Azaserine On DNA 

      Zucker, Charles (1981-04-01)
      Azaserine (O-diazoacetyl-L-serine) is known to be a non-competitive inhibitor of two enzymes necessary for de novo purine biosynthesis. Work done in this laboratory and others, however, indicates that much of azaserine’s ...