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    • Colors 1999 

      Carroll College; Mack, Daniel; Laughlin, Katie; Burgoyne, Cathi; Wiegand, Becky; Herion, Suzy; Massey, Dawn; Stapp, Danny; Williams, Kendra; Knight, Mandy Lynn; Yount, E.; Groznik, Rhonna; Reeves, Virginia; McConnell, Jennifer L.; Knox, Cheri; Knight, Mandy Lynn; Celix, Bernedette; Sobczak, Carolyn; Schindele, Carrie (1999)
      CONTENTS I Didn’t Even Realize It Was Winter, Daniel Mack 7; Learning Death, Katie Laughlin 16; The Brass Lamp, Cathi Burgoyne 18; Forgotten, Becky Wiegand 20; A Fulfilling Conclusion to the Tale of Snow White, Suzy ...
    • Colors 2000 

      Carroll College; Amos, Melissa; Borneman, Patricia; Burgoyne, Cathi; Cox, Mike; Dunne, Dominica; Delaney, Kris; Soltero, Tara K.; Franz, Jennifer; Dunne, Dominica; Williams, Kendra; Greenwood, Jennifer; Gifford, Deanne; Reeves, Virginia; Hansen, Evan; Herion, Suzanne; Knight, Mandy; Knox, Cheri; Laughlin, Katie; Mack, Daniel; Modde, Ina; Keller, Kathrena; Nelson, Anna; Moore, Marie; Hagedorn, Sara; Stapp, Danny; Vue, Asia; Wright, Adam; Wheeler, Tara; Vannatta, Michael (2000)
      CONTENTS If You Want to Pray, Melissa Amos 6; Angels’ Lair, Patricia Borneman 7; Seaside, Cathi Burgoyne 7; Walking for the Mail, Cathi Burgoyne 8; The Gift, Mike Cox 8; Just Breathe, Dominica Dunne 9; Lave Interrupted, ...
    • How Gardens Grow Communities 

      Williams, Kendra (2001-04-01)
      This thesis explores a garden, located on the Carroll College campus in Helena, Montana as one of thousands of community gardens that fulfills unique community needs. It details how community gardens help build healthy ...