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    • Colors 2017 

      Carroll College; Dolan, Abigail; Everts, Ali; Walker, Audrey; Long, Bennet; Charlton, Brett; Offt, Cassandra; Drinkall, Cassie; Hague, Connor; Smith, Connor; Mohaisen, Doaa; Do, Valerie; Geraghty, Isabella; McGee, Kristina; Fellows, Meghan; Sturgess, Rhiannon; Reed, Samantha; Crews, Sarina; Reeves, Virginia; French, William (2017)
      CONTENTS Dearest Uncle, Abigail Dolan 7; I Remember, Abigail Dolan 8; Woman of the Corn, Ali Everts 9; Zombies at Night, Ali Everts 12; Imaginary, Audrey Walker 13; Shroud, Bennet Long 15; An Ode to My Memories, ...
    • Effect of UVB Light Exposure on Drosophila melanogaster Fruitless Gene and Reproductive Capability 

      Lucibello, Donovan; Eaton, Tess; Walker, Audrey (2019-04-25)
      <p id="x-x-x-docs-internal-guid-4fcb2e9a-7fff-5374-a103-01d34244b481">UVB light is a known cause of DNA damage in many different organisms. In this experiment, we tested the effects of UVB exposure on Drosophila melanogaster ...